GEAR REVIEW: Britax BOB Revolution Pro Single Pram

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The perfect pram for all your outdoor (and indoor!) adventures

We recently purchased the BOB Revolution Pro after much research and in-store testing of various running prams. My Fiancé and I both love hitting the trails – walking and running – so we decided we’d ultimately like an off-road specific running pram.

There really isn’t much not to love about this pram, and my only regret is not purchasing it earlier. This pram is suitable for newborn babies, but it’s recommended that you wait until your baby is 8 months before running with them.

Pram Features:  

The Handbrake

The pram features hand activated rear drum brakes (reminding me of my mountain biking days!). I didn’t realize the importance of these until I started jogging down a trail and the pram started to pick up some serious speed. The handbrake enabled me to easily slow the pram down and remain in control.


At over 6-foot Kieron is obviously way taller than me, but one of the best things about this pram is the handlebar can be adjusted into 9 position so it’s comfortable for whoever uses it. This was a major selling point for us.

Safety Strap

We never use the pram without it. Enough said.

Fixed Wheel

The pram can either be fixed wheel or swivel. It’s safer to run using the fixed wheel option, so that’s what we always set the wheel to. When it’s in fixed wheel mode you need to slightly tilt the stroller up from the handle before making a turn, but this doesn’t take long to get used to.


The BOB makes running with a pram super easy. I’ve definitely done more trail walking with this pram as my body slowly recovers post-birth, but the running I have done has been much easier than the runs I tried with our other pram. Kieron finds the pram extremely easy to run with, and has managed to achieve his normal running pace using it.

We love the maneuverability of the pram so much, that we not only use the pram on outdoor adventures but we use it as our everyday pram.


The pram folds in an easy two-step process and is relatively lightweight for a running pram. It’s a little bulky in terms of storage, but what do you expect when the wheels and frame are designed for ease with running.

Large Multi-Position Canopy

The overhead canopy provides much better coverage for Lottie than our previous pram, protecting her from the elements. There’s also a large viewing window to keep an eye on your little one.

Storage space

There’s an undercarriage storage basket for storing things like your nappy bag (personally I would have liked to see this a little bigger). There’s also 2 interior seat pockets which are great for storing Lottie’s hat, soother and snack. I would like to see them add an area you can easily access your phone. 


This pram has already covered a couple of 100kms walking or running, a lot of it on the trails and it shows little sign of wear and tear. Yes, there’s a few slight scratches on the frame but as Kieron will tell you I’m pretty rough with our stuff. The pram has also traveled to Melbourne and Sydney with us, and we’ve just placed it in the over-sized baggage drop off area without a travel bag and it’s been perfect.

Kieron’s comment:

This pram is the best out of all that we tested. It looks good, is light enough and performs better than I expected. I have done 15km runs with Lottie in it and it has no effect on my running pace nor do I need to change my stride or my body angle when running with it, that's a big plus. The only downside is it didn't come with a water bottle holder.

The front wheel when locked for running is easy to adjust , just turn the barrel adjuster a few times and voila! You're ready to go.

Purchase details: 

Cost: $649.95
Purchased at: Bubs Baby Shops Fortitude Valley
Britax website:

Note: This is not a sponsored post, and the pram was purchased by us. 

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