The Triangle Lodge - The Beginning

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Welcome to our lodge, let me tell you more about our slice of heaven...

The story behind the lodge

The Triangle Lodge holds a lot of sentimental value to me, I first saw this lodge over 3 years ago, it was the kind of property I could only dream to own one day. I don't know what it is, but when I reach the highlands I always have a sense of overwhelming feeling come over me, the last time I I drove through Glen Coe, I sobbed - I wasn't sad, I just felt at home instantly, the days that I have luckily been able to spend at my wonderful lodge have been some of my happiest, most peaceful days. The Scottish Highlands gives me a sense of joy like I have never experienced before, the lodge cements that feeling, it is my home and it always will be. At the beginning of 2020 the lodge that sits in the middle of the three was for sale. Despite everything going against me and the toughest year, I have continued to follow my passions and fight for my dreams and I am proud of myself for the achievements that I have accomplished and finally I am able to start sharing this beautiful lodge out with you too! The name of the lodge came from the children, they were always so excited when we spoke about it, but they'd only ever call it 'The Triangle House' and eventually we each started calling it our Triangle Lodge. I honestly couldn't think of a more perfect name for our little lodge. I have some of the biggest plans for the lodge, I can't wait to add more of myself in to the lodge, to decorate it with no rules or restrictions and for me to learn new skills in the process, I look forward to creating a business there that I am truly proud of and passionate about. I can't wait to share my love, my dream with each of you. But most of all, I am very much looking forward to having my two children grow up visiting our lodge and experiencing childhood there. This lodge is one of the most magical places for any child to be able to experience and create memories in. I know the time we spend there will last a lifetime, for that I am thankful. I am going to be using this blog space as I place to share my views on the lodge that I hope you will also become just as passionate about as I am. I want it to be your go to page when planning your trip to the Highlands, I will be sharing all the best hikes, best restaurants, how to get the most out of the lodge and so much more! I have big plans for this place and I am so pleased you are here to join me for the ride. I appreciate all your support so far, each of your recommendations and shares with the people you love helps me massively and what you've done already is so kind of each of you...and you haven't even been there yet! Elle xo #thetrianglelodge

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