About me...

Hi, I'm Elle (Pronounced Ellie!)

I self taught myself to do photography 6 years ago, since then I have set up a successful business with my good friend. Our paths have separated slightly for the time being as I am working towards being more remote and working throughout the UK, although I don’t doubt that we will continue to dip in and out working together!

I have always had a love for photographing children and families, it’s what inspires me as a mother to see the beauty in the everyday, to be a fly on a wall and capturing the moments you so wish you could without stepping out of the moment yourself. Looking back at old family photos is one of my favourite things to do, seeing my parents in the photos is one of the most treasured things for me, instantly taking me back to that moment. That is exactly why I love documentary photography, I love coming in to your home or special place to document the everyday moments. The way we want our children to remember us or the way we want to remember them. They way their mouths move when they laugh uncontrollably, or how the cuddle in to me after falling over and I wipe those tears away, or how they put their wellies on the wrong way round. It’s the smallest of details I want to cherish. Don’t you?

Through our travels and through my Instagram I meet so many people, being restricted to one area in photography has been limiting for me. That is exactly why I want to open it up to the whole of the UK, that’s right, if you’re based in England, Wales or Scotland and interested in having those special moments documented, send me a message and lets get you booked in!


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