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It is my mission in life to show anyone that I am grateful to cross paths with in life that our lives don’t have to be set out in stone. We are taught from a very young age that to succeed in life we must do well in school, head to college and hopefully university. We then get a job that pays well, fall in love in our 20’s, get married and buy a house before finally having children. 

Then what? What happens if we don’t do as we’re taught?

I did all that and funnily enough, it didn’t work out, quiet the opposite actually! I found a job that paid well and I loved, which I had to give up once I had children. I found love and married young, but realised our paths would separate years down the line. We had bought a house together but we realised that didn’t mean anything if we weren’t living life to the full, so we rented that and followed the passion of travel.

Why do we continue to teach our children that happiness revolves around these main factors?

Travel was never about ticking off boxes for me, it was never about having a ‘holiday’, it was never about those pretty photos. It has always been about creating roots, culture, colours, depth, love and so much more. I love how the children’s view on the world can be varied and open. I love how they get to meet a vast amount of friends around the globe, friends who have made a living out of travelling, friends who have travelled across the globe to settle and live, friends who are settled in the town they grew up and have that 9-5 job. The only thing in common with them all is happiness, I want to surround the children with exactly that. Provide them with the only role models they should look up to! 

I love being able to show the children happiness in all forms. To be a success isn’t about what job we have, how much we earn, how many friends we have or how big our home is. It’s about happiness, are you truly happy with your life? We need to teach and show the next generation happiness and to strive to be happy. We just assume we will all be happy as we grow old but as adults we all know it doesn’t work out like that. 

So here I am, a parent to two beautiful children continuing the same passions, morals and values I have always held. Continuing to show my children what life is all about, how we are able to change our mind at any stage of our life and how it can still be absolutely beautiful if we continue to focus on what means the most to us and follow the forever changing dreams!

I love meeting new people, especially those that have a different way on viewing life or are desperate to change things up a little, it is so beautiful seeing other following a passion they may have. It is lovely seeing more and more people go against the grain. If you want to support me, feel free to check out my website, I am so excited to be able to offer each and every product. I truly believe every single one is incredible, I have put my heart and soul in to each and every one.