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The Adventure Van

UK Escapes

The Adventure Van is a converted VW Transporter, pre packed and ready to jump in and head off on an adventure for up to four adults. With a compact kitchen and all the utensils you'd need; we can't think of a better way of adventuring around the UK this year.

With the pick up location in Farnham, Hampshire. You have ample adventures within a four hour drive, you could be exploring the hidden caves and sandy beaches of Cornwall, or hiking some of UK's most breathtaking mountains in Wales. Or why not take the scenic route to the seaside town of Margate. The choices are endless, where will The Adventure Van take you?

Adventure Van

Our Story

The Adventure Van has been in our family since 2018, when we brought it to enable us to travel the UK and Europe whilst the children were still young. It was a way that we could access adventure without the added costs of hotels and restaurants. We ended up travelling to 40 countries with the children, half of those in the van!


The Adventure Van has seen some incredible sights and has lived a life full of incredible memories. With so much more to give, and our life meaning travel is currently limited for the time being, we wanted to continue The Adventure Vans pursuit of adventure and invite other likeminded individuals to plan their very own adventures.

Meet the Van Team

Adventure Van
Adventure Van
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