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The Triangle Lodge

Highland Escape

The Triangle Lodge is a waterfront A-Frame Lodge located within the Scottish Highlands. Sitting on the Great Glen Way Trail and incredible views to the Caledonian Canal.

With breath-taking views right from the comfort of the lodge, you'll find it hard to decide to explore the scenery that surrounds or to relax! 

The Triangle Lodge

Our Story

The Triangle Lodge was born out of a pure love of freedom and adventure. A space where we could live a life that one could only dream of, waking up to the beauty that surrounded us each and everyday, fully immersing ourselves in to nature and out of the big city; less pollution, less noise. A place where we could finally focus on each other, a place we would connect.

It was our escape; it deserved to be loved and adored by others that yearned for that same adventure, for the freedom. Our little escape isn't perfect, it comes with it's bumps and scratches through the years of memories and love, we look forward to adding new refurbishments over the next year. But The Triangle Lodge isn't about the interior design, it's about breathing in the surroundings and for the time you get to spend at that lodge, knowing you have escaped too. Before you head back to life, feeling revived from your experience and ready to tackle anything that comes your way with this new found strength. 

So lets live this UK Lodge out to its fullest potential as a community who share similar interests and a love for the outdoors.

The Triangle Lodge

Meet The Highland Team

The Triangle Lodge
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